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A Guide to Creating Your Own Inspirational Blogging Space | Lifestyle

I find it difficult to just sit down anywhere with my laptop and get into the blogging ‘zone’. I found I was way more productive blogging when I had a designated blogging space. I tried to make this space as Inspirational as possible, so that when I sat down to blog there was nothing else to focus on. Just me and my blog post! Use this guide to create your own inspirational blogging space and see if you find blogging any easier to do.

Choose a Tranquil Area of the House

You need to choose the most tranquil area of the house and go from there. It doesn’t have to be an entire room; it could be a small section of a room that you feel comfortable in. I like having my desk near a window so I’m not just staring at the same 4 walls! It could be absolutely anywhere in the house that you feel comfortable. I’ve even saw people choose to have theirs under the stairs! It all depends on how much space you’ve got. I mean, you might actually prefer just to sit on the settee and blog right there with your feet up, but this can make me feel a little sluggish and I get distracted easily. I’ll usually find myself on Facebook or reading random articles, when what I should be doing is blogging! This is why I recommend somewhere a bit more ‘office-y’.

Paint in Colours That You Love

You should paint your inspirational blogging space in colours that you love. However, you don’t want the colours to be too distracting for you. I find that blues and greens are the most tranquil colours, along with neutrals of course. I wouldn’t use any more than 3 colours, as things can try to look a little busy. Try to stick to a colour scheme to make things look more polished and put together. If you can make 10 different colours all work together in harmony, then please, be my guest. However, this is always hard to do so I’d just avoid it altogether and go for your favourite 3 colours. Use a colour wheel to find which ones work best together.

Buy a Stylish Desk

A stylish desk will make your blogging space look chic and put together. If you plan on taking any pictures of your blogging space, like many bloggers do, a stylish desk is a must. You’ll feel like you’re at a stylish, well paying office job with a chic desk - I do anyway! This always inspires me to blog that little bit better. You can get nice looking wooden desks in all sorts of finishes, and even shinier desks for a more modern look. Everyone has their own idea of stylish, so it’s up to you. Just make sure there’s enough space on there and that you have compartments for everything you need. It might be useful if you can keep a pen and paper in your desk drawer to jot down notes and anything else you think of.

Invest in a Comfy Chair

A comfy chair will do you all kinds of favours as you blog. I know how easy it is to get lost in blogging and even reading blogs for hours on end. With a comfy chair, you won’t end up slouching or slumping and affecting your posture. You should still get up and move around at least once every hour, but you should feel much more comfortable. It’s no good sitting at a chair that makes your bum go numb or makes your back click. I’ve done this before and it just isn’t worth the pain. A fancy office chair will make you feel all professional as you blog.

Add Quirky Accessories

I find that quirky accessories in the blogging space help to show off my personality and can even sometimes inspire me. Gem globes are a pretty luxury item to have on display, and I always get compliments on them. You can add anything you want; quirky figurines, ornaments, plants...the choice is yours. You need to make this space a place that you love to be in. If I don’t feel comfortable in the space that I’m blogging in, it becomes very easy for me to get a sort of writer’s block - I wrote about it here. By showing my personality in my blogging space, I feel like it’s the perfect place for me to let my thoughts and feelings out.

Choose Your Artwork

I deem artwork to be an essential part of any inspirational space, no matter what you’re doing in there. How you choose to display it and arrange it is all up to you. You could display one large piece of art, or even create a feature wall out of all of your favourite pieces of art. It doesn’t need to cost the earth and be by your favourite artist either. You could do it yourself, commission a local artist to do it, or take pieces from a book and frame them. All it takes is a little creativity and imagination! If you’re really on a budget, find a book on artwork and snip pages out before finding some fancy frames. If you use frames of different sizes, shapes, and colours, you could come up with quite a quirky design!

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying you can’t blog if you don’t have anywhere like this in the home. At the end of the day, some people just don’t have enough space. Some people like to go wherever the wind takes them to blog, whether that’s a coffee shop or even their gym lounge. I like to have my own little office so it feels a bit like work. In the least boring way, of course!

Do you have a space that you blog in? Do you prefer to blog in coffee shops and other public spaces? I know I just wouldn’t be able to concentrate. Leave a comment for me with your thoughts!

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