Thursday, 19 March 2015

4 Tips For Looking And Feeling Cool This Summer | Fashion

I don’t know about you ladies, but I find it a bit of a challenge to look cool and feel cool in the summer sun. However, because I spend a lot of my time in the heat, I have had to adapt to it. Over the years, I’ve come up with a few beauty and fashion tips that have helped me keep my cool in the scorching temperatures, and I want to share them with you. So, read on for my top tips on looking and feeling cool this summer.

1. Refrigerate
When it’s roasting outside, if I could fit into the fridge, believe me I would! However, the next best thing is refrigerating everything you put into your body and a lot of the things you put on to it too. Keep your food and drink in the fridge and out of the sun to ensure they are at their most refreshing when you consume them. However, don’t just stop there. A great trick for the hot weather is to pop your sunscreen and aftersun in the fridge too. The cold creams really help to cool down hot, prickly skin.


2. Keep it loose and lovely
Tight clothing in the heat is a big no-no! As your body swells and throbs in the heat, the clothing will increasingly dig into your skin, causing discomfort and potential rashes. Roomy clothing is the best way to go. It allows your body to breathe and will turn you into a laid-back summer goddess. Don’t worry about loose items drowning your body or looking unflattering. There are so many glamorous choices, for example, floaty kaftans, light maxi dresses and linen trousers. And, for my Muslim friends, there are great Muslim clothing stores that offer modern and flattering, yet modest styles. Don’t forget to consider your jewellery too. Swollen fingers and tight rings are so uncomfortable! If your jewellery is tight at the best of times, it’s probably best not to wear it in the heat.

3. Mist your skin
One of the most effective ways I’ve found of looking and feeling cool in the heat is by misting my skin regularly with cool water. You can actually buy products, like the Evian Brumisateur spray, which are specially designed for this purpose. However, you can also just fill a spray bottle with cold water. Store this in the fridge (or give it a quick blast in the freezer) for maximum refreshment.


4. Go natural  
Summer is one of the only times that most of us feel comfortable going natural with our hair and makeup. Avoid applying too much makeup, especially foundation, as it can become blotchy and smeared in the heat and when you use your sunscreen. Instead, look for a good quality light face cream that has a high SPF (and a tint if you want). Apply a little touch of mascara and gloss if you want, but allow your natural beauty and glow to take the lead.

Thanks for reading. Having a cool summer!


  1. I always put wet wipes in the fridge, its very nice =]

    1. I've never thought of doing that before! But this is such a good idea! I do keep my sheet face masks in the fridge just as it helps to calm my skin a lot x