Monday, 9 February 2015

Satisfying Samples? Argan Dew Edition (& Discount Code!) | Beauty

It's been quite a while since I've written a 'Satisfying Samples?' post. I haven't shopped my stash in quite some time but now I'm moving I really need to get things used up or given away. I'm even thinking of starting a 'Didn't Like, Didn't Use' series for all those annoying beauty products I have around that I don't like, and therefore have ended up in the bin.

Anyway, back to the product in question. Last week a couple of samples of Argan Dew arrived from Mr Postman, all the way from Israel! I was super excited to try these, I think authenticity of a product encourages me to use things up too. You can't get more authentic of a product than this. 

I received two samples of the Argan Dew replenishing hair mask* and the miraculous Argan oil*. My hair was due a dye again as it felt in such bad condition. Yes, I'm not sure why but dying my hair always helps it's condition? I thought this would be the best time to use a couple of samples. My hair is short so I only needed a packet of each.

I applied the rich nourishing hair mask after I washed my hair dye out, and left on for 5 minutes in a hot towel. My hair felt amazing when I washed it out. Normally it's in rough condition, and quite stretchy from over processing back in my bleaching days, but this made it feel silky and smooth. 

I did apply the hair oil on damp hair before drying although after the mask it would have been fine. I might leave the oil for inbetween hair mask washes, although it's a daily oil so can be applied often. The oil was quite a thick product, and when I applied it on my hair I was really concerned that it would be left really sticky, but as it dried my hair was smooth, volumised and felt a million times better. There was no sticky residue like I thought, and my hair wasn't oily either. 

I haven't washed my hair in three days and it still looks as good as it did after using these products. Normally the day after my hair is greasy and feels really yucky. I couldn't recommend these products more highly, and I'll definitely be buying the full sized products when I've used the ones I currently have. 

You can pick up Argan Dew products here, the replenishig hair mask costs £28 for a 250ml tub, and the miraculous Argan oil costs £25 for a 100ml sized bottle. Also, what better than a discount? That's right! If you enter code argandew at checkout you can get 20% off your basket total. 

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  1. These products sound amazing.. definitely need a boost from Argan oil after dyeing mine again. It always makes it soft!!