Saturday, 7 February 2015

My Fave Fashion Tips | Fashion

I’m no stranger to colours, patterns, and funky garments. I love wearing things you don’t usually see on the street. Fashion is a great way to express myself, and I feel more people should look at it that way rather than trying to fit in with everybody else! Here are some of my fave fashion tips to give you some inspiration. Hopefully, they’ll make your outfits more fun and funk up your wardrobe!

Wear a Bold Pattern

Bold patterns are my favourite. They can be a little scary to wear at first, but once you’ve taken yourself out of your comfort zone, you’ll be fine! In fact, I’m sure you’ll love wearing something that not everybody would dare to wear. If you’re apprehensive, pick a pattern in black and white. You can never go wrong with black and white - everybody looks good in it, and it’s still noticeable!

Don’t Be Afraid of Colour

Please, don’t be afraid of colour. Colour is your friend! It’s so upsetting when I see people dressing in neutral colours all the time. Neutral colours are OK at times, but if you’re wearing them constantly I feel like they might affect your mood. If I constantly wore black I think I’d be in a pretty black mood. Throwing on some bright yellow or orange would instantly make me feel happier with a brighter outlook! Research colours that suit you so you know you’re not about to make a huge fashion faux pas. Start off with colourful accessories to ease yourself into it if you need to.


Layer Up Your Outfits

Layering is a lot of fun, and I find you can create different looking outfits each and every time. You can wear organic clothes made for summer in winter, and winter items in summer. It’s simply a case of pairing with the right clothes and accessories. I like to look on Pinterest for inspo when it comes to layering outfits - there’s a ton!

Wear Unusual Accessories

Unusual accessories are always a focal point for me, and I usually get lots of compliments on them. I like to wear bags that look like boxes of popcorn, and rings in the shape of animals. These accessories help to make me look unique without being too ‘look at me!’.

Texture, Texture, and More Texture

You just can’t wear an outfit with too much of the same texture. Too much denim/leather/cotton would be boring. You need to mix up your textures. Don’t be afraid to wear a bag made of feathers. Suede skirts. Faux fur coats. Faux leather tops. There’s no end to the amount of textures you can mix. Just have fun with it and experiment to come up with gorgeous looks!

Nobody should look boring wearing the clothes in their wardrobe. Everybody has their own opinion on what a ‘fun’ look is, and that’s fine. Make sure you’re wearing clothes that you love, and your style makes you happy. If you start to use just one of the tips here, my work is done!


  1. I've started wearing brighter colours, I bought a bright yellow mustard coat I never would have worn that years ago but I feel confident in brights now your so right with your tips


    1. Oooh mustard is one of my favourite colours! I don't think you can ever go wrong with colour :) x