Friday, 20 February 2015

Get Your Legs Ready For A Hot Short Summer | Fashion

This summer is looking to be hot, hot, hot in fashion. Shorts are getting short again so get ready to bare your gorgeous thighs and strut your stuff ready for the next heat wave. There are so many styles and fabrics that look great for shorts that if you are lucky enough to have the legs to wear them you are going to be spoilt for choice this coming season. With shorts really trending for the summer this year, there is work to be done to ensure your legs are up to the challenge of wearing them.

With so many different styles of shorts this summer, you could be forgiven for wondering where on earth to start. It may be safe to say that shorts are going to be everywhere and that you may well be able to pick up a bargain. Getting your legs in shape to wear them will be the first challenge, long before you buy your first pair of the year. Start with seeing to your diet. Check you are getting plenty of water and citrus fruits as it has been suggested this is a great way to prevent cellulite. As cellulite can affect our thighs as well as our hips and bottoms, prevention is probably better than cure.

Use a buffing brush or exfoliating wash several times a week to make sure all that dead skin that accumulates around our thighs all winter is well and truly gone. Use a good moisturizer with a hint of tan to be sure you are getting hydrated from the outside as well as the inside. The extra color will help if the sun suddenly gets hot without giving you a chance for a more natural color. It is best to fake it rather than bake it for most skin types and to avoid the risk of skin cancer too.

Shorts look great on thighs that are thin, but if your thighs aren’t toned, the wobble will really show if you are wearing shorts. Try stretches like those you can do in your Yoga classes, and also try some squats to help define the muscle shape. These are also great for creating some shape and definition to your backside. If you feel you are lacking a little roundness in this area, try wearing a long cotton shirt with your shorts to give the impression there is more there.

Women’s legs always look better in heels. There are some great sandals with a wedge or full heel out there this season. They will alter your posture to help you carry yourself in that classic, chic, and feminine way that naturally gives you some swing in your hips. It also lifts the calves and tightens the knees. If you do have any little jiggles and wobbles in this area, then make sure you are in heels when you wear your shorts. If you are blessed with fantastic pins, flat pumps look really cute. Think Baby from Dirty Dancing, and you are away!

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