Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Ching-He Huang's Chinese New Year Menu @ Harvey Nichols | Lifestyle

Last week me and the husband were lucky to grab ourselves last minute tickets to dinner with Ching-He Huang at Harvey Nichols in Manchester. Ching is my favourite celebrity chef, and she makes Chinese cuisine easy for me to cook, because let me tell you it's not that simple when you're doing it with your family in China! We have watched all her shows, and when she travelled China with Ken Hom they visited Beijing to find a specific duck restaurant, yes you guessed it, we had to follow them and went to the same restaurant. Not at the same time, I'm not that bad. It was delicious. 

So yes, Ching has designed a Chinese New Year menu that will be featured at Harvey Nichols restaurants over the next month, all based on the yin and yang concepts. And I must say, it was absolutely delicious. We were lucky to sample sharers from the whole menu, and I had to have both of the cocktails too. You know, for the blog. 
Not only did she design the menu we sampled on the night, she also gave us a little demonstration on how to make spring rolls too. We also had the pleasure of meeting her and having a long chat with her about food in China. She did even say that when she's next in our province in China she'll pop in and we can all cook together. I love this woman. Ching also signed out book and we were lucky to have a photo opportunity. 
Love cocktail (non-alcoholic, boo).
Happiness cocktail. 
Soy edamame and smoked tofu | spicy Sichuan pickle cucumber | five spice peanuts, cucumber and carrot 
Crab "pángxiè" 螃蟹 beancurd, micro coriander, spicy sweet chilli 
Longevity 'Misua' noodles, garlic salt, sesame oil, garlic flowering chives
Golden scallop and prawn wontons with micro coriander
Vegetarian spring rolls
Crispy duck and cashew lettuce wraps
Shredded poached white organic chicken in Sichuan vinegar oil with micro chives

The food was simply fantastic, and Ching is such an amazing woman. I was completely starstruck for most of the night actually. It was one of the most amazing nights in my life, I do love good food and great company too! 
I do look awful in this picture, but I still love it. 

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