Saturday, 21 February 2015

AirMotion Hairbrush | Beauty

I've been on the hunt for a new hairbrush since my old faithful Andrew Barton Argan oil hairbrush ran out of oil on the ends and started getting dragging on my hair, ouch. I still don't particularly fancy investing in a Tangle Teezer because they don't have a handle, it might seem silly but there is just something about a brush without a handle that doesn't grab me. Haha, I'm so old fashioned. 

Say help to the AirMotion hair brush*. 

Anyway, this brush is amazing on all accounts. First of all, yes, it has a handle; but it also detangles and smooths and straightens at the same time. It has three different lengths of bristles which helps to keep the hair in control and prevent snapping, something which is happening a lot with my hair lately due to over bleaching and heat damage. I'll never learn. Now something I've never seen before in a hair brush, a shock absorber. This is designed to help with wear and tear on your hair, so extra bonus points there. The brush is also contoured and has a non-slip handle making the whole overall experience of brushing your hair less stressful and a more pleasurable experience. 

Now I do love this brush, and I've thrown my AB one in the bin, and all the other rubbish £1 Primark ones I own too. I'm not that good with a hair brush and don't really know what I should have for my hair, so will basically buy as I see, but I would happily replace this brush when it breaks. Now the brush costs £11.95 which is a lot more than I would normally pay, but considering my hair wasn't ripped out and felt so much smoother when I dried it that I would pay for it. I'm getting older and my hair isn't in the condition it used to be ten years ago, and knowing me, I won't ease up on the dying either!
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  1. I definitely need to invest in this =]