Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The Perfect Satchel | Fashion

After searching for the best part of two years for a perfect satchel, I've finally found one. I had lost faith in finding a decent satchel after all the problems I've had with a couple of satchel companies. One who we shall not name, but you can pretty much work that out in the paragraph later. 

I bought this black leather satchel from ASOS in their sale, for £75 which I think is a bargain. It's the perfect size at 14" and I can fit all my important bits and pieces in. I intend to use this as my general day to day grab bag as it's simply perfect. 

It's from the Leather Satchel Company who I have bought from before and did have a bit of a problem with previously. I bought one of their stunning gold metallic satchels a while back, and as soon as I bought it the paint started peeling off, and I rubbed my finger over it and it flaked off. Not cool. I sent it back to ASOS but the Leather Satchel Company themselves offered to send me a new one. Their old leather supplier who just painted their silver metallic leather with gold paint. However, they have redeemed themselves by selling through ASOS and I must admit I would buy from them again. I already have my eye on their shabby chic range. 

Lets talk about another satchel company, one who are always having sales and never shut up on Twitter? Worked out who it is yet? I've ordered three, yes three, satchels from them and not one single bag showed up. Originally I bought their kaleidoscope multicolour leather satchel last year in their 50% off birthday say and their excuse for it not showing up three months later was they were still waiting for coloured leather. Ok. I suppose that's valid. I did have to put a PayPal claim in though to get my money back. So I used them a second time, to buy the same back, not in the sale. I waited months again and it was still a no show. I emailed them, tweeted them, phoned them; and guess what, no reply. I had to put a PayPal claim in to claim my money back, take two. Take three was another simple mistake of buying a bag in their sale. This time I bought a red saddle bag (small, wouldn't take up much leather right? Wrong.) hoping it would arrive, and no, it didn't. Same scenario, ignoring every piece of correspondence and every single tweet. In the end, yep, another PayPal claim. I could safely say I would never use them again. 


  1. It's such a shame that you had so many problems with this bag/company!
    I love a good satchel but I don't think I'd risk buying from these guys hah


    1. Finally I managed to get one! It's taken me bloody ages haha. Yeah I wouldn't risk buying from anyone again x