Thursday, 4 December 2014

Canvas | Lifestyle

I absolutely adore canvas prints but the price tag does often deter me from purchasing them. Last year I found a voucher code and had one printed of Dexter when he was a few weeks old; and I absolutely love it. This year I decided I would have another one printed so headed off to find another supplier. 

Chuckle Monster specialise in personalised gifts. From the usual printer children's items to mugs however, they do offer canvas printing; and for really reasonable prices too! I opted for the A3 print at £28.99* and sent over my super cute photo of Dexter. The online steps were so simple to follow, just choose your size, upload your photo, and away you go. 

Within a week from ordering (I ordered last Friday during the Black Friday offers!) I've received a gorgeous, high quality and highly pigmented canvas. The quality is sublime, unlike some canvases I've seen where the pigment is thin and you can see the canvas below, the paint is really thick. The print is also taken all the way round the frame as opposed to some where they are only printed on the front. I wouldn't hesitate in ordering from them again, in fact I will do next year when I want another canvas of Dexter to give as a gift to my parents. Chuckle Monster's customer service have been fantastic too, you can have a little chat with them on their Twitter account. 

Check out Chuckle Monster for more personalised gifts, if you haven't finished your Christmas shopping they have some great offers on!
*Voucher code supplied in part payment of the canvas, opinions are my own.


  1. Sooo cute! These look so lovely, the perfect thing for making a house a home! That photo is just adorable too, such a cheeky little monkey!

    1. Thanks! They are such beautiful things to have, I'll definitely be getting more x

  2. Wow that quality is amazing! I've never seen one printed around the whole canvas before.. it's a nice touch.