Sunday, 7 December 2014

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Being obsessed with beauty has it's highs and it's lows. I mean, surely I'm not just the only blogger who has completely run out of storage? I said this last time when I bought a new set of rainbow storage drawers, and now I need even more storage. I have a whole drawer dedicated to Korean and Japanese beauty products, but even that has overspilled and now more resides in this storage box. 

Storage boxes are a great stacking alternative to drawers. You can put anything in them, and I mean, anything. I did initially plan to use this for stationary and University storage, but after receiving three large MeMeBoxes in the post with quite chunky full size products, I decided this would be much better used for that purpose. 

Now Dexter has moved into his own bedroom, it means I have lots of room back to start displaying my proud beauty collection. The top of this white Ikea Expedit unit has been dedicated to all my beauty products, all safely kept close at hand in acrylic drawers and lipstick cases however, instead of everything been strewn all over the room I decided to keep this area with that purpose in mind. The pink Leitz click and store storage box is the perfect size to fit into one of the cubes and house my ever growing Korean and Japanese beauty collection. 

The box itself was really simple to put together, and you wouldn't even need the instructions that came with it. Click and store does just as it suggests, you click all the press studs into place and there you have it, simple, quick, and easy storage solutions. These are really good for stacking too. The nifty label on the front lets you write what's in your box so you never have to rummage. Plus they come in lots of colours too. These are the perfect size for storing multiple pairs of shoes too, I think I'm going to invest in a few more, and maybe a couple for Dexter's bedroom storage too!

You can pick these storage boxes up from Shoplet for £7.41, have you checked out all their other home office stationary too?
*Product sent for review, opinions are my own. 


  1. Love a good bit of storage, It turns clutter into neat and tidiness :D plus like you say you can chuck anything in and its hidden lol :P Not going to lie, Love the fact these are bright ass pink too! :D xx

    1. I need a million more of these, I wish I could hide everything!! x

  2. I have been wanting to buy some storage boxes like these, they are very cute. I just need to make space in my bedroom first :P