Monday, 10 November 2014

Chinese Beef Curry

I know this recipe isn't for a regular curry, but I couldn't really think of anything else to call it. It's fondly known at home as simply beef and potato but that didn't sound luxurious enough for the blog. This is one of my favourite Chinese dishes (from the mother in law) that I cook at home. There are several variations you can make of this dish, dependent on your taste or the flavour you want to achieve. I don't like spicy food so this is the perfect alternative to an Indian curry. 

The last time I made it, I decided to try it out in my new Tower Housewares' electric pressure cooker to tenderise the beef I used. Normally I make it with steak but it can get expensive, and for a family of four I decided to try a cheaper cut of meat which worked really well. I've since become really obsessed in using the pressure cooker and have tried lots of other dishes too, especially beef hotpot and another Chinese curry! It's great for this time of years with stews. You can pick up a pressure cooker from Tower Housewares from as little as £49.99, a household essential in my opinion. 

You will need: 
Beef - you can use any cut you wish. 
Potatoes - I normally use 4 or 5. 
Bunch of spring onions. 
Soy sauce - either light or dark, I normally use dark for the colour.  
Rice to serve. 

1. To start you will need to heat up a pan with oil, add the sliced ginger, half a bunch of sliced spring onions (the rest are to serve), and a tbsp of cumin (or more dependent on taste). Add your diced beef to the dish and brown. 
2. Add the browned meat and spice to the pressure cooker with soy sauce, water (up to the relevant fill mark), and diced potatoes. I put this on for 35 minutes and leave it to it's own devices. You can cook this in a wok the same way.
3. After the 35 minutes is up, add the diced tomatoes to the dish and leave on the 'warm' setting for another 10 minutes so that they cook a little. 
4. Serve with white rice, and add the rest of the sliced spring onions to garnish. 

As a variation, you can also add tomato puree and red wine if you fancy. I forgot the tomato puree when I made this last, and didn't add the wine as I made a couple of portions for Dexter too. 

It is a really simple dish, but full of flavour and a nice alternative to your usual Chinese takeaway dishes in the UK. 
*The electric pressure cooker has been sent for review from Tower Housewares, all opinions remain my own. 

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