Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Floral meets Leather.

I absolutely adore this Pink Clove floral playsuit, but when it arrived and I finally got around to reviewing it after being in hospital, the weather changed. It became cold and rainy so I packed all my summer clothing away intending on making this a transitioning season piece, and then it became warm and sunny again. You can't win really. 

As I decided to make it a transitional piece from summer to autumn, I thought I would pair it up with tights and a pair of chunky boots with gold detailing, along with my absolutely favourite necklace ever from ASOS, and my new favourite Amy biker jacket from Boohoo

I ordered the playsuit in a size 22, and for a start this isn't even my size. I've been going through a period where I've been thinking I'm a lot bigger than I am and ordering clothes in sizes that are way too big for me, and this was one of them. I think it's quite big anyway, and I could have managed to order a size 18 without it looking tight around my legs. Normally I have problems because I have big thighs and hips so I have to order a size up when dealing with things like this. I love the fact that the playsuit is very stretchy and not too clingy, and that the shorts' legs are just above knee length. Although saying that, my tights are 200 denier and way too dark for this outfit. It would have looked better with lighter denier tights and heels for a night out, but I was going for a casual look with the jacket.

Floral Playsuit - Pink Clove - was £24 now £18 in the sale. 
Amy PU Biker Jacket - Boohoo - £35
Necklace - ASOS - old
H&M Boots - old


  1. You look great!! I love your necklace :)


  2. OK, so there is literally nothing that I don't like about this outfit. Your hair is AMAZING, love the leather jacket and the necklace finishes everything off perfectly xo