Saturday, 6 September 2014

Beacons Festival 2014

I was so lucky to be given tickets a local festival to where I live, Beacons! The fabulous folks over at Peugeot saw my tweet trying to get press tickets to the festival but unfortunately I was too late to be on their list; anyway, they were working on a new hashtag #RandomActsOfJoy for the release of one of their new cars. So yes, I received two tickets, guest tickets at that! Oh and two camping plus passes too. I know I only live like 15 minutes away but taking a tent so little bug could be changed in private, fed and have a little nap too was such a genius idea. Obviously I came home at the end of the day to my cosy bed and a hot bath. 

There was so much to do at the festival. I didn't even manage to check out any of the bands. Partly because my ME was quite bad that weekend and I was major exhausted, and because on the Saturday morning I sat down in an awkward position and somehow managed to make my already dislodged pelvis even more dislodged, and manage to slip two discs in the process. Anyway, lets talk about all the fun. There were so many arts and crafts facilities that I pretty much spent my weekend doing that, oh and the vintage shopping in Judy's Vintage tent. I picked up a few super cute bargains: a navy blue and white polka dot tea dress, and a gorgeous, unique map print saddle bag. 

The few crafts I did manage to take part in were screen printing (you all should know by now this is one of my favourite pastimes) and t-shirt braiding. The idea behind t-shirt braiding is that you can use and old t-shirt, cut it up (in a jazzy particular way to make it really long) and plait it. You can make them into friendship bracelets, etc, but mine was a black and grey leopard print headband. I absolutely love it and think I might do a DIY blog post on how to make them soon (for those interested). 

Oh the fooooooood. I absolutely love food. There were lots of local street food stalls there. Manjit's kitchen was up and back in full swing in her lovely horse box, providing tasty treats. On the Saturday they were serving up nutella and banana filled chapatis. They were absolutely delish. Obviously I had to pop down to Dough Boys for pizza, and we did have a Patty Smity's burger and amazing fries. The Marvellous Tea Dance company were there too, it was nice to chill in their tent with a cuppa and slice of cake when we needed a rest. Oh I also experienced the amazing Pie & Mash too, yummy. 

I have to mention how amazing the 'Diddy Rascals' field was. Especially designed for children and away from all the loud music, there was so much to do. Tents filled with crafts, and lots of different sensory play toys for the younger ones. I think Dexter was a little young to enjoy it, but he loved crawling around on the mats and the man who blew bubbles at him too. He was a happy chappy there. There were lots of team games for kids to play too, with their version of dodgeball called monkey ball, and sack races. We'll definitely be taking him back to play there next year too, he'll be older and hopefully take more in.

The experience was amazing and I will be going back next year! Hopefully I'll be able to make more time to really get into things a lot deeper and try out a lot more of the craft sessions, watch a few movies, and make time to listen to music! To be honest I didn't know any of the bands and my music taste consists of anything emo circa 2002, that's why I prefer Download generally; saying that though, Beacons has easily become my favourite festival, I love how much they put into the family element which makes it really accessible for us, and it's not too far from home. 


  1. I'm glad you had a good time, it looks like A TON of fun!


    1. There were so many different aspects of the festival, that's what made it so special x

  2. Sounds great - I'll have to take my diddy rascals next year! :)

    1. Definitely! Honestly, it was amazing. Tea and cake at festivals? Yes please x