Saturday, 28 June 2014

VitalBaby Warm-A-Bowl | Review

For a few weeks now I've been using the VitalBaby Warm-A-Bowl, and it's certainly made weaning and feeding times a lot easier. I've been using this each time I've fed Dexter, so that is three meals per day. 

The idea behind the bowl is that you pop open the lid, and pour warm (not boiling) water inside. This helps keep your baby's food warm all through feeding time which, when you have a baby, can be pretty lengthy! 

The bowl itself has a non-slip surface that helps prevent Dexter's sticky little mitts from moving the bowl around on the high chair table. The bowl is also shaped with easy feeding in mind, scooped around the edges making it easier to spoon food up with less mess. This is ideal to use for when Dexter is feeding himself too; a great long-lasting product. 

The bow is quite large, for baby size, and the packaging specifies that it's suitable for use on 9+ month babies. However, on the website the bowl is advertised for 0 months so this confused me a little. Because of the large surface area, I was concerned that the small amount of baby food I put in the bowl would get colder quicker, but was pleasantly surprised that it still kept as warm! This would be ideal to use from the beginning of weaning with baby rice etc. 

You can buy your bowl from the website here, costing £6.99. I think this is a great price for such a genius idea, keeping baby's food warm and throwing out a helping hand too. 
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