Friday, 6 June 2014

My First Time… In Neal's Yard Remedies

I had my first experience of visiting Neal's Yard Remedies in Leeds recently, during my luxurious trip to Leeds back in January. Yes this is another one of those draft posts I've had loitering around for quite some time. Unfortunately I missed out going to their bloggers event last year as I was taken in for my caesarean around the same time. 

It was great to be introduced to a new brand and their amazing products. It was refreshing to see their staff, especially their manager, introducing me to their products with such passion. They really do believe in their products which was really encoring. The advice given to me was extremely helpful as I do suffer from sensitive skin and also have a lot of allergies. I also need to be careful what I use on Dexter, not because he is sensitive, but I'm sensitive to some of the baby products!

The store itself is divine, and the product packaging is fantastic, reminding me of the old apothecaries and the indulgence in their products. At the time I didn't know they had a baby range, let alone their own cosmetic range, range of vitamins and healthy teas, along with super foods and aromatherapy oils. They also offer a range of aromatherapy and natural health courses in their London Covent Garden store. 

I bought a geranium and orange bath oil for myself (which is absolutely divine and smells like a dream!), their baby powder and baby oil, and a pack of their elderflower and echinacea tea. I'm a huge fan of taking echinacea during the winter as it always helps alleviate my colds and chills. Unfortunately during pregnancy I was unable to take this so I'm bulking up now to make sure I keep myself healthy! 
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  1. Love all the natural products that smell delicious and actually work.