Monday, 23 June 2014

#HouseofFashion OOTD

I had a major fashion dilemma the day I went to #HouseofFashion. The weather was sunny but not hot enough to wear neon colours and prints, so I had to settle for thick black tights and a daisy print dress. 

I bought the dress in a blog sale, and I absolutely love it! Unfortunately it's a little too big but luckily it has ties at the back so I can make it look ok. The sleeves are 3/4 so it's a little too warm for the summer, but I'll definitely be wearing it a lot more in the autumn and winter months layered with a chunky cardigan. I teamed the dress with my trusty H&M boots I bought a few years back. I did wear my black textured boyfriend coat from New Look but this was a little too thick and I was absolutely boiling in the end!

I absolutely adore this lipstick though, it's Rio Rio from TopShop. I picked it up when I was in Harrogate the other month. The hubby decided he was fed up of me wearing purple lipstick and fancied me in something red for a change, I love the slight orange tinge to it too. Beautiful
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