Sunday, 4 May 2014

WowMum | The App

I've never done an app review before, or discussed what apps I have on my iPhone as it's not really a tech based blog, but recently since having Dexter I've relied on parenthood apps a lot. I'm so glad Dexter wakes for feeding on demand, because I can never remember when I've fed him! I'm not sure if baby brain will ever go, or whether I'll be like this for the rest of my life. 
I found out about WowMum from those Bounty packs you get when you're pregnant (amazing by the way, so many samples!), so thought I would give it a go. Being a new parent is a complete new world. You often find you're timing everything around what your baby wants, when their next feed is, when you need to change them, where you can change them. It's much more complicated than I thought. To be honest, the only baby changing facilities I'm aware of are in Trinity Leeds, and they are bloody fantastic!

WowMum can help alleviate some of these problems. You have several options: baby changing, places to eat, let's play, and pamper time. Each of these helps you locate your nearest facilities using GPS. My favourite two at the moment are definitely baby changing and places to eat. It's awful taking your baby into a restaurant that doesn't have enough space, and I'm still at the point where if Dexter cries I feel that he's inconveniencing everyone. 
The app is really user friendly, and quick to use. All you do is type in your post code or area, and it brings a map up of your local facilities, just click each of the circles to see what they are. 
You can easily filter your options too, it's easy to see all the places that have bottle warming facilities, and that are buggy and breastfeeding friendly. It seems silly, but also places to eat with high chairs, you wouldn't realise how many places don't have this facility. 
And when you find the place you want to eat, you can have a quick overview of what facilities they offer. Little Tokyo, one of my favourite places to eat in Leeds is buggy friendly and bottle warming facilities, just what I need! 

I haven't fully experienced the app in it's entirety, probably because Dexter isn't big enough to go to places to play, and because I mainly buy all his clothes from the same place and don't pop into baby boutiques. But it's great for when you're out and about and just want to look at what facilities you have in the area you're in. 

And one final point, the app is completely free!
Available for both Android and Apple users. 
You can find more information about the app here

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  1. This sounds brilliant! I'm off to download now! Cxx

    1. It's an amazing app! But lets be honest, nothing could beat Trinity changing rooms! x

  2. I have no idea why I started reading this post (not being a mum) but the app looks so good! I wish they did one for wheelchair users!


    1. That would be such a good idea!! You could be the first to develop the app x

  3. This sounds awesome. Love the idea of the 'play' section x

    1. I think it'll come in really handy when Dexter gets older, as he's my first baby and I don't have many local friends with children, I wouldn't know where to start! x