Saturday, 10 May 2014

Skin Food Choco Smoky Waterproof Eyeline Jam

I have a rather large shopping list of Korean cosmetics which I'm lusting after and can't wait to try. Next on my list and recommended highly comes the gel eyeliners, rated highly not just by the Korean beauty lovers but all beauty lovers! I've always been weary of applying eyeliner which isn't in kohl pencil for because I don't have a steady hand or patience so generally give in after a time when I get really mad at myself, but having recently seen gel eyeliner demonstrations I knew I wanted to give them a go. 

Whilst browsing the Cosmetic Love website I fell in love with the Skin Food Choco Smoky Waterproof Eyeline Jam (what a mouthful!). I think what struck me so much is the fact it comes with it's own gel eyeliner brush at the bottom of the jar so I didn't have to buy one! Skin Food are one of my favourite Korean brands too so I know I can trust their products, and at $14.35 (around £8.54) it's a bargain snap at that price, similar to drugstore prices here. The gel itself is quite solid which I liked (described as jam-like on the website!), and means that I don't have any running down my face. The brush was quite stiff meaning I could get a solid well-defined line too. Perfect for me! Now I forgot that the eyeliner was waterproof and after swatching it on my hand I couldn't get it off. I must have scrubbed my hand with a baby wipe for a good few minutes to get it off, so this would be a perfect product to take on holiday with you as it really wouldn't budge. Even when removing the eyeliner it didn't smudge either so wouldn't leave any panda eyes! And well, look at the packaging, super cute as always. I'm a sucker for cute packaging.

As usual I received the best service ever from Cosmetic Love, customer service is second to none, their communication is fantastic and their delivery service is extremely quick coming from Korea too! Normally after placing my order I can receive the item within a week even though their website states 10-25 days. You can find all the popular Korean beauty brands such as Tony Moly, Holika Holika, Missha and my favourite, Etude House.
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* Product sent for review. 

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  1. Ooh, the design of the brush/pot on this one is quite cool! I have a TonyMoly gel liner with a built-in brush, but it's the kind where it sits on top so it's kind of long and cumbersome and pointy.