Friday, 23 May 2014

Oriflame Event | Leeds

Last Saturday I was invited to hang out with a celebrity at the Oriflame event in Leeds. Okay so I may have over exaggerated that first sentence, but I got to meet Gary Cockerill who is a make up artist to the stars! Gary is famous for creating the looks of Katie Price and Kelly Brook, so I felt really lucky to be given his make up tips. Especially for the 3D lip he gave Yuna and the amazing false eyelashes on Ellie. Apologies now for the image quality, I left my camera at home to try using the iPad for a change, and it didn't work out as good as I'd hoped!
Gary is now an ambassador for one of my favourite beauty companies, Oriflame. You will have probably seen me review a number of their cosmetics in previous posts, I just adore them! The Oriflame event was to show their new range 'The One'. These are regular products from the Oriflame range but really just taken to the top of their range and vastly improved. 
There are three components to the 'The One' range: high impact, every day beauty and long wear. One of the long wear products that I'm really excited to try is the IlluSkin Foundation as they have a great nude pink shade, and after being colour matched previously I know I should look out for pink shades. Unfortunately we didn't get to see a demonstration of the foundation in it's glory. There were a few samples but unfortunately I didn't have time to have a peek at these. 

I was really excited to see the volume blast mascara being used as I'm a fan of their mascara! Being a convert since receiving one in the goody bag from Tea Party Beauty's meet up last year. I was even more excited when I found one in my goody bag! I've since used this every day since last Saturday and it's easily become my favourite mascara. I tend to sway towards mascaras with plastic brushes as they don't clog up and have a simple application. 

The event was held at The Living Room, somewhere I haven't been before, but my gosh did they serve the most amazing middles ever and unlimited drinks including glasses of prosecco. Yum yum. And as I'm always down with nibbles, we even had cupcakes to match. I was a little sneaky at the end and did pop one into my goody bag to take home. Naughty me. I would have loved to have taken home Gary's make up bag too, but hey ho!
And to finalise the event, the fabulous folks at Faith PR gave us a filled goody bag with lots of products from the new range. I received one of their 14 day no-chip long wear nail polishes (which I'm really excited to try as my polish chips within an hour normally!), volume blast mascara (the best mascara ever) a colour impact cream eyeshadow, colour unlimited lipstick, and the eye liner stylo pen. I actually used the eyeliner pen in my recent red carpet look beauty post. 

A massive thank you to the folks at Faith PR for organising the event, Oriflame for being as fabulous as ever and letting me try out their amazing new products, the Living Room for hosting and providing us with great nibbles and keeping us watered, and of course to Gary for his awesome tips. 
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