Sunday, 25 May 2014

London Town | Photo Diary

I was so lucky to be invited to London Fashion Weekend with George at Asda, I even took my mum along for the ride. It's been ages since we've had a trip away together, the last one we took was to Thailand, and it was my first away from Dexter. Lets just say I thought I might have a good night's sleep, I ended up having a worse night's sleep than I would if I was at home! 

We did have an amazing trip though, it was nice to go back to my mum's hometown, she's a cockney did you know? I was really happy to be able to pop into Chinatown whilst I was there, we did go for hotpot, but like we always say 'nothing beats Leeds hotpot!', and that's true, unless it's in China. We popped down Oxford Street too, and I had to visit Topshop obviously, unbeknownst to me that it opens early and has a cafe downstairs. 

Obviously I did the most damage to my bank account whilst in Selfridges. I bought more magazines and books than I could handle! And beauty, oh the beauty. I did buy quite a lot of high-end cosmetics there, and the Illamasqua counter did me out of my hard earned dollar. By the time we ended up walking down to Primark, at around 11am, I couldn't be bothered going in, it was absolutely packed. Looking at the window displays however didn't seem too different to the products they have in Leeds Trinity so I just gave it a miss. I did pop into Evans though just before we got the tube back to King's Cross on a whim, and I managed to pick up the gorgeous yellow print dress from the Cut collection! 

I was also really excited that they had some kind of imagination event on in Selfridges at the time, and they had some fantastic technology on show such as a 3D printer. In one corner there was so much relating to the hubby's work I just had to buy him loads of books on future architecture and robot buildings! 
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  1. Uhhhhh I am so jelly! George at ASDA, London Fashion Weekend AND shopping Oxford Street *pouts* I am genuinely more jelous than if you'd gone to London Fashion Weekend with Topshop lol
    My mum & brother went to Selfridges when my other brother was at his Uni Interviews & I think it was the first time my Mum had ever enjoyed shopping lol.


  2. It's so lovely you took your Mum along with you, and you could enjoy the fun with her! Lovely photos, I've always wanted to go to China Town!

    x Hayley-Eszti |