Saturday, 19 April 2014

What's in my basket? | George at Asda

After having a pop into George yesterday and picking up a few bits for Dexter, I thought I would sit down today and have a nice browse at the 'new in' section of George. Normally they have new items uploaded every day (or so it seems!) and I haven't had a look in a week or so. After deciding that I need a pair of decent jeans that actually fit, and a new pair of jeggings that aren't miles to big for me, I settled on these beauties. And also this gorgeous lipstick print t-shirt! My favourite colour isn't pink unfortunately, it's green, but hey, what you gonna do? Haha. All for a bargain price of £28. I just hope they all fit!

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  1. I'm always anxious to try jeggings, being a "curvy" lady, but I may try some next time I'm in ASDA. Jeans are so uncomfortable to wear when they're stiff and restricting so maybe jeggings are the way forward. Love your ASDA posts - I am a huge George fan too but rarely see them "represented" on blogs.


    1. You should always just go for it lovely, you're a lot less curvy than me so I wouldn't worry about it at all! I always find jeggings are the most comfortable alternative to jeans x