Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Tarn.

I'm really lucky that in Yorkshire we have some beautiful scenic places to visit and go for walks. There is one such place about 15 minutes from my house which has a lovely little lake, lots of ducks, and quite often has boating races too. Simply known as the Tarn, to us locals, is the habitat of lots of wildlife too. Nearby they have acres upon acres of farming fields, many with sheep and cows in, and it's set in one of the most idilic areas in my town. Being up at the Tarn, you wouldn't believe that down the valley there was a roaring trading town. That's the luxury of living in Yorkshire, on the cusp of the Yorkshire Dales. I took Dexter for a lovely walk around, unfortunately I forgot the bread to feed the ducks, so I'm lucky he slept for the duration of the walk too. I had lots of opportunity to take a few nature shots, and here are a few of my favourite ones. I always used to think that the 'upside down boat' was an actual boat when I was younger, but my mum since educated me that it is actually a mould for canoes. You can learn something every day! I have edited these images, but only slightly with a really simply application which just makes them look a little bit more vivid and brighter, and I only shot them with my iPhone 5 too, I forgot to take my 'blogging camera' out with me on this trip. 

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