Monday, 14 April 2014

Shop my stash | month one.

I have a shopping addiction, yes, addiction. Which is something to do with my bipolar disorder apparently, always nice to know. I spend money on things a) that I don't even want, and b) that I don't even need or will ever use. I have a massive blog sale going on at the moment where I'm selling loads of cosmetics I've hardly used or are brand new because I'm happy to admit I have a problem. Meaning that you can get some fab bargains!

Okay so deciding that when I have the impulse to shop, instead I'll just shop my stash. I have plenty of products and cosmetics that I'm simply hoarding from PR samples to samples and full sized products I've picked up at events, so what better time to use them? I basically sorted out three drawers of all sorts of products this morning, putting them all back in neat categories so I could decide what I wanted to keep out for the month. I've decided I'll do this every four weeks so that I can have a change of products and get some of my well needed storage back.
So here we go with month one, lets see if this stops me from impulsively buying beauty products I have no intention of ever using and allowing me to get back some well needed storage space. 

I'm really excited to be attending a plus size clothes swap at the beginning of next month too, which means I can take along pieces I don't wear or don't like anymore and get something I do like and will wear. Save, save, save!

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  1. I really need to organize my stuff into "categories" too. There are a few products I know I have that I've been meaning to give away to friends, but I need to find them in the massive heap of disorganization first! O_O

    1. I'm quite proud of myself, and I'm on track too and using quite a few bits and pieces up :D x