Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Screen Printing | The Print Room

A few weeks ago, or maybe longer now(!), I was invited down to The Print Room for a screen printing workshop. A few others who attended had done this sort of thing at school before, but I must have completely missed out because I don't remember having so much fun! As you all know, I'm a crafting novice, but I do enjoy trying my hand at pretty much anything I can get my fingertips to!
The fabulous Kirstie Williams was there to show us how to do it, whether or not I did it right I have no idea. But I was lucky to be first up and Kirstie pretty much did it all for me! 
We had a lovely intimate night of drinks and chocolate, getting messy with paint, and watching me attempt to cut out a design which resembled anything. I did settle on an 'A for Apple' design, which I tried to use my artistic talent to make anime style. I won't lie, mine was the was the most childish there, and to be honest Dexter could probably have done better. Needless to say the ladies there were very encouraging of my lacking in talent! 
Seriously though, look how happy my apples are!

Unfortunately Kate, the entrepreneur of The Print Room, has decided to close the store. This is such a real shame as I really feel people should support their local small businesses however, you can still buy all her amazing stock online and I hope you will all check out her site and continue to support her. 

Say a big hello to my massimo April advertiser, Wardrobe Conversations!

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  1. Aww this is so cute!
    shame about the shop though :(