Tuesday, 22 April 2014

My favourite home fragrances.

I absolutely adore home fragrances. The smell of fresh linen is so comforting, along with having a scented candle burning in the background. What could be better than relaxing that way? Lately I've really enjoyed home comforts, and I would much prefer to stay at home than go out. I like my peace and quiet, and time to relax with a good DVD and a few scatter cushions. 

The awesome folk over at Air Wick asked if I would like to try a few products from their collections. I often use Air Wick products myself, but these are products I would never have thought about purchasing. Normally I just buy air freshener or the plug ins. Honestly I didn't even know they stocked candles or reed diffusers!

I love the fresh scent of the sapphire and blue cotton reed diffuser from their Home Signature range. I've never owned a reed diffuser before because I wasn't too sure how they worked, or how much fragrance they released. This product is simply amazing. I popped it in my hallway and the whole house smelled amazing. I didn't expect the product to be so fragrant, perhaps only to work in one room, but this definitely hits you when you come in. The rattan stems evenly distribute the fragrance so that it lasts longer, and the beads are full of fragrance too.
I also received one of these amazing colour changing candles too. The fragrance is absolutely divine, in rich caramel and vanilla swirl. The candle doesn't even need to be lit for you to smell it. It's quite strong but not overpowering, just how I like scented candles. Now that on it's own would be amazing, the strong fragrance and and a candle, but this is a colour changing candle. I haven't seen these work before but these are simply enchanting. I believe there is a sensor in the candle which alerts it to begin changing colour. It is so therapeutic. The candle instantly knows when the flame is blown out too, and turns itself off. I think is actual magic. My mum has actually claimed this as her own now as it's that awesome. 
These have easily become my favourite home fragrances. Plus Air Wick products are so easy to get hold of, it makes it easier than I can pick up one of their fragranced products with my local supermarket shop.

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* Products sent for review. 


  1. Growing up I never understood why my mother had so many candles but since turning 18 and moving to my own place (sort of) I have fallen totally in love with "smelly" things - I'm currently using wax melts (cheap version of Yankee's Wax Tartlets) and they're so good, you can get them on amazon and ebay for really cheap and they smell divine.


    1. Oooh I'll have to have a look! I've normally just had the small jars or the little candles. Will have to look into those x