Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Defining my bedroom space.

I'm always on the lookout for products to make my bedroom a little more like a living room too, as it's multi-functioning space. It's my living room, my bedroom, Dexter's bedroom and my office, and it can be so hard defining the space without it being too cluttered or looking too much like a toy shop! It's also my comfort zone, and I can always retreat here when I need to feel safe. 

Last year I bought an old bureau off eBay for around £12, and painted it duck egg blue and white for that shabby chic style. I've always had it closed, hiding all my cute stationary, but since opening it up and having it all on display it's helped me to be able to define that corner of my room into my office space. It's the perfect size for all my bits and pieces, reminders and post-it notes, and it's the perfect size to have my MacBook on too. 
In my efforts to have the perfect comfortable yet functioning bedroom I've slowly been buying more things and taking much more of an interest in interiors too. I bought a day bed last year before I had Dexter as it helped open up my space and works as a sofa too, and when I need a double bed I can just pull the bed out from underneath and hey presto!

We all know how much I love George, and now they have they have an easily accessible home range it's made my life a whole lot easier, I don't feel as guilty buying lots of pieces for their great prizes. I managed to buy the rabbit lamp just before it sold out, but here are a few more of my favourite picks. 

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  1. I love this little space in your room, sometimes it can be so hard to define corners when you use your bedroom for work etc. And I really need to look at George, so many cute finds!


    1. George have so many amazing items in stock at the moment, I already have more planned for the 'bedroom/relaxing' side of my room :) x

  2. Your desk is freakishly colour coordinated. I wished my stationery all matched each other... D x

    1. I never realised until you posted this how anal I must be with everything being colour coordinated haha! x