Sunday, 16 March 2014

The well needed wardrobe clear out.

Some of you may have seen over on Instagram that I had a clear out of my wardrobe tonight, and a massive one at that. I've been buying lots and lots of new clothes recently and because of that, well, my wardrobe hasn't looked a pretty sight. If I could actually fit things in it. I've had bits and pieces hanging up on hooks outside my wardrobe for weeks now, let alone been thrown on top of the wardrobe. And if I'm being honest, my wardrobe isn't small. 

So I decided to have a good going through of all my bits and bobs, and have put around 25 items on eBay, which I think is good going if I say so myself. I even spent the time putting everything back in my wardrobe in lovely order. I might swap it to colour coordinated items as I think that will look a lot prettier. Anyway, to say I have perforated my already perforated eardrum (some kind of ear inception?) I think I'm doing pretty well. However, I am now deaf in my left ear, something which I may have to live with. Lots of fun there. I am playing at selectively hearing things now, which is loads of fun.
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