Friday, 28 March 2014

Sudocrem Care & Protect | Review

This one is not just for all the yummy mummies out there, we all know Sudocrem is great for nappy rashes, but can also be really healing and healthy for your skin too. I often use Sudocrem within my skincare regime when I have a break out to sooth and protect my skin. So ladies and gentlemen, keep reading…

I have used nappy creams before on Dexter when he's had bad nappy rash before, but I didn't find any that really worked. So I ended up taking a trip to the Doctors and receiving some highly medicate cream which did the trick for Dex, but also ended up melting the plastic and taking the top cover layer off the changing mat. Yeah, safe to say I didn't want to use this again. Oh and it smelt really bad. I have been using Burt's Bees Baby Bee range since Dex was born, and their nappy ointment is super effective but is really thick and leaves a very thick barrier which sticks to everything and covers his clothes and mine. Plus it's really hard to get off your hands it's that thick, but, it does the job and smells amazing. 

I was asked to review one of Sudocrem's new products for nappy rash, their Care & Protect cream which has specially been formulated for nappy rash. It's amazing, simple to use, does the job, and smells delicious! One of the features I'm especially happy with is the easy open single handed lid, I mean it's such a simple thing but makes the world of difference when changing a nappy! As I said above, I stopped using the prescribed cream as it was so potent and have been looking for a nice simple, calming and more natural alternative when this came along. It's not as thick as some barrier creams and ointments but leaves a good barrier behind. It doesn't stain clothing, nor stick to my hands so much that I can't wipe it off with a baby wipe. The product provides triple care, leaving a protective barrier, helping to sooth and resolve nappy rash as well as being gentle and antibacterial to help prevent infection on baby's delicate skin. 

I couldn't recommend this product more highly, it's fast and effective for doing the job, whilst being kind to skin too. I've also been using this on my hands as they are extremely sensitive and it's doing a great job of repairing them! I've since been and bought a bigger tube so we can keep on using this product. The 50g tube is currently on offer at Boots for £3.99.
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  1. I love Sudocreme. I use it as spot cream!

    Great post!