Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Mobile Madhouse

The awesome guys and gals over at Mobile Madhouse sent me this gorgeous pink and clear iPhone 5 case, which arrived in the post the other day. I really like the design on this phone case, it's much different to ones I would normally pick. I fancied something a little more low key so I could actually see the phone itself. I presumed because the case was a hard hybrid case that it would be one of those solid ones, but actually I like it more because it still has a little flexibility to it. As soon as I put the cover on my phone I went and dropped it, silly me, but all was well and it was still intact. Just what I like to see.

I absolutely love the colour of this case, bright pink is just up my street, but I had a hard time deciding which colour I wanted to get. The light blue one is absolutely gorgeous! And they have some amazing crystal phone covers too. 
Mobile Madhouse offer a fantastic service for their phone covers, and offer free UK delivery too which is always a big bonus. I normally buy my phone cases from eBay for a similar price but often they can take weeks to arrive from China. They also have a fantastic wide range of covers to fit all makes of mobile phone and tablets too, as well as other phone accessories at great low prices.

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