Thursday, 20 March 2014

Flavourly Foodie Subscription Box

I love food, everyone knows I love food, and probably everyone who reads my blog, yep you got it, probably loves food. So what better than to add a foodie subscription box to my list? I'm fed up of receiving sub-standard beauty boxes in the post, and would rather spend my cash on something amazing and full of flavour!

Flavourly send you new and exciting fine foods, snacks, and delicious craft beer to your door monthly. They offer flexible membership and packages start at £15 per month. This is the first time I've used a food subscription service and I certainly wasn't disappointed! I got some fantastic items in my box. 
When I first opened the package, before I got to see what was inside, there were some fantastic recipe cards and information leaflets on the contents of the box. I didn't realise that the recipe for the Malay Laksa was related to the contents of the box, and yes, you get the ingredients inside! I also received ingredients to make a red thai curry, the recipe written on the back of the packaging too. 
I'm really happy with the contents of my box this month, the only thing I don't like are olives but I'm sure I can find someone else in my household who does! I have already eaten the crispy bacon and maple syrup popcorn, and yes, I was as happy as a pig in syrup. They were amazing. I'm really excited to try making both the Laksa and Thai curry! And the raspberry flavoured chocolate drops, mmmmmm!

Think you might want to try one of these luxurious boxes? Well if you click here, you can buy one with £5 off! I can't wait for next month's! 


  1. This looks lovely! I got the latest degustabox and they both look very similar. I much prefer it to the beauty boxes, I stopped mine due to the contents being a bit boring! I only need one more and then I'l get a free one so I'm tempted to get it ha.

    Corinne x