Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Chii likes Feedem

I doubt many of know I have a cat called Chii, named after the character in the anime/manga Chobits, because I don't blog about her. She's a very independent cat and likes to keep herself to herself most of the time, she doesn't even really bother with Dexter either, but absolutely loves her toys. And her food, but that goes without saying really. Chii is often found in photobombing in the background of photos, although she really does enjoy watching Dexter, but that's it, she won't get any further!

Her favourite toys are usually laser pens, mice that run around, and she even has her own play gym mat which she can play in alongside Dexter. Awwwww.
Feedem have a vast array of cat toys and gifts for that little bundle of fluff in your life, and Chii, well she is pretty ahem fluffy, or as some may say, fat! Here are my favourite picks from their collection.

I could see Chii amused for hours with the food maze! She loves playing in tunnels, we probably buy her a new one every month as she gets fed up of the one she has. Although she already has a playground cat toy, she doesn't have one with the spring pom pom and I think she would love this one a lot more. 

I hope I'm not the only one who buys my pet presents for Christmas? I know it's far too early to think about it yet, but look at this super cute stocking and Christmas pudding for her to play with! I know where I'll be going this year for her presents! 

Feedem don't just stock cat toys, they have a wide range of pet supplies for all kinds of animals, from small pets to pond life including horses and reptiles! They also make it a lot easier to buy your products in bulk too, so I could buy cat litter and food in bulk and have it delivered for free if I've spent over £45!

Say a big hello to my massimo March advertiser, Wardrobe Conversations!

*This is a PR collaboration post.


  1. Adorable. I don't have pets anymore (sobcrysob) but mine always got presents around the holidays! Can't leave them out...

  2. Aw no! I'm a dog person really, Chii is my first kitty. Yes! So glad it's not just me who buys gifts :) x