Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Rosie Willett Designs

Now I've had all my hair shaved off I feel I need to compensate a lot with hair accessories, something I haven't worn much before, except a fascinator for my wedding. I've started browsing a lot more online looking for a bold design to make me stand out from the crowd. My first step into accessorising my lack of hair comes with buying a black art deco style turban.

Rosie Willett Designs have a gorgeous range of handmade tiaras, headbands and headpieces suitable for any occasion. However, Rosie doesn't just stock headpieces, she also designs and makes her own Swarovski crystal jewellery and delicate Christmas decorations, along with corsages and button holes. Rosie also offers her services for bespoke headpiece designs personal to you, whether it's to match your wedding colours or hairstyle for a special event, Rosie will create your perfect headpiece straight from your dreams.

Rosie takes a lot of her inspiration from arts, fashion and film, and these can be seen in a lot of her pieces. Do any of these pieces shout Alice in Wonderland and Great Gatsby?!

My favourite collection of Rosie's has to be Opulence. I adore the simplicity of the beaded headbands, with the delicate vintage brooches, all inspired by Gatsby and 1920's art deco. Whatever your taste though, there is definitely an accessory to whet your appetite. The variation of Rosie's work is enchanting with lots of bohemian and whimsical pieces.

Each of these pieces is handmade using intricate hand stitching and beading techniques, using stunning media such as pearls, Swarovski crystals, French lace and satin. The time and effort that Rosie puts into each of her pieces shows sheer dedication, no wonder she has been featured in numerous wedding magazines and her pieces have even been featured on TV shows!

Wouldn't this make a stunning, delicate addition to any Valentines wedding this year?
* This is a PR collaboration post. 


  1. Oh these are really pretty!! I want to find some type of hair accessory for the wedding I'm attempting to plan for September - maybe something a little like this :)

    Sharon x

    1. These are absolutely gorgeous, and you can have them customised too :) x