Thursday, 27 February 2014

Mini Social | Inkless Hand & Footprint Kits

I've always wanted to have a print of Dexter's feet and hands, but have been easily put off because of all the mess involved in the moulding and paint kits. Until now…
Mini Social sent me the amazing Save the Moment inkless hand and footprint birth certificate kit, which involves no mess whatsoever! This is an absolute godsend, especially with a wriggly newborn too.
The instructions are really simple to follow. You get yourself set up, pop your paper down (preferably on a hard surface so that the image shows up well), rub your little one's feet with the dry sheet of invisible ink, roll their feet on the paper, and hey presto, you have an amazing print of their hand or foot with absolutely no mess at all. Now as the ink is invisible, make sure you wash it off to prevent any finger prints transferring on to the paper.

The kit is so quick to use too, it only took me a matter of minutes to do this unaided too.
And the results are fantastic, there is so much detail on Dexter's footprint. I also popped my finger and thumb print on too. I've saved a wipe for when the husband comes home so he can do the same.
The kits start from £4.99, which is an absolute bargain for the contents and what you can achieve.

* Product sent for review.


  1. This is so clever! :) Looks super cute!

    1. It's adorable, I'm making a little scrapbook of all his bits, it's so going in! x