Thursday, 20 February 2014

#KeighleyAppreciation | Lavender Fields Emporium

A little warning, this post is extremely image heavy, but I couldn't resist taking so many photos of the amazing Lavender Fields Emporium. 

Lavender Fields Emporium is another treasure in the heart of Keighley. Their little tea room is based on Cavendish Street. I have visited the tea room on a number of times before, but this time was different, I was really able to get involved with owner, Christine, who made me feel well at home. Just like I was at an aunties for lunch! It was a lovely experience to have a chat with all the customers too, everyone got on like a house on fire, we were just like old family. And I adore that sort of atmosphere. 

I popped in for lunch with my mum, dad and Dexter, 
and Dexter received a lot of attention from everyone!
The food is an absolute dream. Everything is prepared fresh, even the baguettes we had for lunch were just baking in the oven when we arrived. Christine makes all the scones and cakes fresh too, and with different flavours and ingredients on a regular basis, there are so many to choose from! We even bought the remainder of the treacle and lavender scones to bring home.

For lunch my parents had a traditional ploughman's lunch, where I had a tuna and cheese panini. YUM. My dad had his favourite, a strawberry milkshake, whereas I indulged myself in an iced coffee with ice cream! My mum went down the traditional route and had herself a tea, pomegranate and raspberry. We obviously had cake to finish, lemon drizzle cake and Bailey's coffee cake!
Lavender Field Emporium now stock a variety of yummy loose leaf teas, as well as herbal and fruity teas, you can now find some interesting blends, such as winter tea. I can't wait to visit more often and make my way through their tea menu! Not only do they have an extensive menu of teas, but they are also a stockist of various coffee bean blends too. I can safely say that this is the only tea room of it's kind in Keighley which offers such a variety. It's definitely a nice treat instead of having your regular barista coffee, and costs less too!
Lavender Fields Emporium are also proud to announce they are now fairtrade too! Offering a variety of gifts with amazing stories behind them from those who created the masterpieces, along with fairtrade coffees. Keighley is aiming to become a fair tradetown, and this is just one step towards this goal. You can find more information about this on Fairtrade Keighley's Facebook page.
The Emporium doesn't end here though, oh no! They include a variety of handmade gifts from local creators and artists too. As well as selling records and tea paraphernalia. Hopefully soon I might be lucky enough to have my jewellery collection on sale there too. Also, they offer a vast assortment vintage sweets too!
Lavender Fields Emporium is a great independent business to have in the community, and we need to keep supporting small businesses like this one, because they in turn support others within out community and have a great network. 
It's not just a tea room, it's an art gallery in it's own right, being a centre point supporting our local community. 

You can say hi to Christine on Twitter and Facebook
Or why not pop in for a great culpa? Next on my list is cherry and cinnamon.


  1. This place looks so cosy!
    I don't think I've explored Keighley that much before, just passed through on a train :O
    I should come explore!


    1. You should come for afternoon tea with me and Kel! x

  2. Love that you're supporting smaller businesses! They so need it. Great post. Lucy xx

    1. Thanks Lucy, it's really nice to appreciate the small folks :D x

  3. Oh my WORD that place looks amazing! The iced coffee with ice-cream looks perfect - so glad you have a lovely day :) X

    1. It's absolutely fantastic Laila! If you're ever up north you should come :P x