Sunday, 16 February 2014

Keighley People

I'm really proud to be hosting this week's Keighley People Twitter account. I'll admit that when I was a lot younger I wasn't proud of my town, it isn't exactly the most desirable, but as I've got older and taken time to really appreciate my town, I really think it's quite quirky!

Each weekday this week I'll be posting #KeighleyAppreciation posts, a little feature I will be running from Monday-Thursday where I will feature local independent businesses in Keighley itself. There are a lot of places in Haworth that get a lot of publicity as it's a tourist attraction, but never enough publicity for those places in the town itself. 

So everyone, if you would care to follow me on my journey, you can follow me on the Twitter account from Sunday evening for the week. 

Also, I've had my bio posted in the local paper, the Keighley News. 
I'm really excited for this opportunity!

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