Friday, 10 January 2014

Hello January, Hello 2014.

Welcome to January 2014. 

Last year I decided not to bother making any new year's resolutions as I never stick to them however, this year I feel a little more determined to stick to things. I have a new life and not to mention a new routine, so it seems a good time to create a new me

Firstly, I would like to change my physical appearance. I am a yo-yo dieter, if I loose weight it takes me years to put it back on again and become a fatty. Through several relationships (over around 9 years) and pregnancy I've managed to put on around 4 stone which I definitely need to loose. Dexter is my incentive, having a baby means I need to be a lot more active as I'll have to keep up to him! So this year is definitely a good time to get fit. My plan is to stick to Weight Watchers, a diet plan which on and off I have used and it's worked, along with good exercise. I'm still not 100% better from my caesarean so I won't be joining a gym or anything like that (plus I don't have the time), but I'd like to achieve daily exercise through yoga and taking Dexter for long walks. 

Take more photographs. I am in no way a photographer and don't really class photography as a hobby but I decided at the end of last year I would like to give it a go. I received a Diana lomography camera for Christmas so when I'm out with Dexter for walks I can take lots of nice photos and hopefully develop this a bit further. At the moment I'm doing a creative writing course as one of my degree modules and I hope being outside a lot more will give me inspiration towards this also. 

Try to get organised, or more organised at least. I pride myself on being quite an organised person with a good memory however, at the moment I have baby brain and even remember the slightest of details is a chore which I really don't like. I aways buy a diary, sometimes two or three through the year, but never make use of them fully. I know I need to write more important dates in them, and definitely try to keep more memories. At the end of last year I treat myself to a Moleskine notebook to keep in my bag to write in when I had ideas and it's worked, so therefore I decided to invest in a Moleskine diary for this year, with the incentive that I will write in it daily and keep little notes of how Dexter is growing up. 

Cherish memories I make. This ties in to the above; make sure that I keep a note of what has happened during the year so I can look back on it, and with that try to make sure I take lots of photos of Dexter growing up, both for me and my husband as he will miss out on a lot of his development. 

To drink more tea and eat more cake! Yes I know this contradicts my weight loss idea but I can make it work, a little in moderation makes for a happy Michelle. Tea and cake are things I love the most. I'm planning on following Kel in her journey to visit more tea rooms in Yorkshire this year, you can see her post here.  

I need to blog more, and try and be more involved in Twitter chats and blog participation. I rarely comment on blogs, I know, I'm awful! (I promise I do read them though!), so this year I would like to show my appreciation more to people. We all support each other really well in the blogger community and should carry on!

Above all, I will try to have more fun and not take myself so seriously!

(All photos have been sourced from WeHeartIt.)


  1. Great post - I share a lot of these ideas! The eating more cake one sounds like one I could achieve! :)

    1. Haha I think everyone could achieve eating more cake!! :D x x

  2. Hi :)
    I love reading your blog and wanted to let you know
    I nominated you for a liebster blog award :)
    Launa | Life As Launa

  3. Love this! Super creative NYR, mine are all boring as hell!

    Charlotte - xx

  4. These are great resolutions! I decided against resolutions this year, instead opting to just try to be a better person on the whole. I'm hoping having my own place and being in charge of my own shopping will allow for Jake and I to make positive changes in our diet which we are both craving, I am going to try to go for walks and bike rides on the days I'm feeling well and wont beat myself up if I don't, and I'm hoping that in our new place I'll have an office/sewing room which will allow me to get better at my hobbies and to be more organised with study and blogging.

    I love your idea of writing things down to look back on later - especially with Dex and I really hope you keep that up so you can pull out the photo albums when I come to visit you some day! xx

  5. I'd totally recommend Slimming World - it's super simple and really easy to stick to... I lost a stone in just over a month! x