Friday, 13 December 2013

Low Carb Bolognese Recipe

I made this recipe quite a while ago and totally forgot about it until I was going through the photos on my phone. After finding out I had gestational diabetes, and finding the leaflet the dietician/diabetic nurse gave me pretty useless, I've been having a little look online to see what I could come across. 

I've found for me personally, my blood sugar levels are extremely high when I have high carb meals, so rather than having a lot of pasta with this, I've been having a small portion of child's pasta along with a really big rocket salad. 

You will need:

Onions - I used both red and white; 
Oregano and mixed herbs - you can use fresh but these are just as good; 
A jar/carton of passata sauce (blended tomatoes); 
A tin of chopped tomatoes; 
A carrot (or other veggies if you want to pop in);
Mince meat or Quorn; 
and last but not least, I popped in little pasta! 

I coarsely cut the onions for a bit of bite and fried these in FryLight or any low calorie spray. When saut√©ed, I added the mince meat and browned off a little more. I then added the carrot and carried on cooking (the carrot and onion still had a little bite). At this point I added the dry herbs, but then added more later just for taste. 

I then popped in the passata and chopped tomatoes and left to simmer, probably for around 8-10 minutes until all looks cooked, it's pretty easy to judge when it's cooked!

And hey presto, a simple low carb and really tasty recipe! 

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