Sunday, 8 December 2013

Etat Pur: Actif Pur Argan

I received this in a goody bag from the recent Leeds meet up, and was quite intrigued about this product as it contains Argan. I know everyone raves for Argan oils, which can be used anywhere really, especially for the hair. I must admit, I haven't tried many products with Argan oil, apart from the hair serum from Primark, but must admit I have warmed towards them myself. 

The Etat Pur website describes this product being used for fine lines and wrinkles, and to increase firmness and plumping in the skin. I wasn't expecting it to be an anti-wrinkle treatment per se but as I am approaching the big 3 0 in a few years, it's time I started to think about my poor skin. 

I was quite confused about the packaging at first. It says to dispense a few drops to rub on your skin. I must have spent around 5 minutes trying to work out how to get the product out, until I realised you press the bottom for it to come out! I find this quite genius actually

I presumed that this would be really oily on my skin so was a little weary of using it in the beginning, but it isn't at all. I find it more serum-like with the consistency of a light cream, which when applied to the skin melts in easily and leaves no residue. It definitely leaves my face feeling hydrated and softer. 

I haven't been using this morning and night when indicated, but using it in replacement of a serum prior to applying my day cream, once a day. I don't have wrinkled skin quite yet so I can't comment on how good it is for that, but I have definitely noticed my skin feeling firmer and plumper since use. 

You can find the product here, retailing at £11.70. 

I also haven't heard much about Etat Pur before, so I wouldn't mind trying out more of their products. I especially like the look of their Salicylic Acid treatments, their prices are quite reasonable too.
What do you think about Argan products?
Have you tried Etat Pur before?

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