Friday, 15 November 2013

DIY PINspiration: Low Carb Meals

Over the next few months a lot of my posts will be scheduled, due to the fact that I haven't been in the best health during my pregnancy, and the fact that my baby is due within the next sort of 4-7 weeks has hit me pretty hard! Although I've done lots of bits and pieces in preparation, I still have loads left to do for him. He has been my inspiration and reasoning for a lot of my low-carb diet plans and recipe ideas, which I think I will still continue after he's born to give me a bit of a health kick before I start Weight Watchers again to shed those baby lbs and get down to a good weight. 

As you may have seen, I've been looking at a few low-carb recipes and diabetic cakes etc over on Pintrest. But I've just found some seriously amazing meals that would be great for the coming winter months!

Low-Carb Chicken & Bacon Chowder

This looks absolutely amazing and I can't to try it! I've been avoiding creamy and cheesy sauces as I've been sticking with mainly tomato based foods, but I think once won't harm me, plus I have the added knowledge that with it being low in carbs my blood sugars won't rocket. You can find the recipe here over on My Southern Accent

Low-Carb 2 Minute Pizza

I have been craving a lot of junk food lately, mainly Pizza Hut and McDonalds, but only really for BBQ chicken wings, mozzarella dippers and potato wedges. I'm a funny old thing I know. I came across this 'pizza' which is a great cheat option! All you need to do is whack your filling on a tortilla and pop under the grill, done and dusted. Couldn't be more easier right? You can find the recipe here on Oh So Sweet Baker

And last but by all means certainly not least, as we all know I like a bit of a sweet treat occasionally

Low-Carb Coconut Macarons

I do like me a good macaron, and these are great as they are more meringue based with sweeteners rather than sugars, being the perfect low-carb and diabetic alternative. You can find these, along with lots of other recipes, over on Fit and Fab Living