Friday, 4 October 2013

Pregnancy Diary: Weeks 26 & 27

Hurrah for hitting the third trimester! I'm not sure whether this will carry on being a great two-three months for me or whether it will all go downhill from here and the morning sickness will jump back aboard! I'm hoping not as I really suffered with that one for a lot longer than I wished I had. 

Although, in week 26 I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which I won't lie, hit me like a ton of bricks, even though I think part of me actually expected it. It has actually taken the midwifery team a while to get back in touch with me and arrange my diabetic appointments, so I'm not really overly happy with them as I feel I've just been left in the lurch to Google and get myself a little worked up. Although I've taken this time to change my diet and cut a lot of sugar out. I've been looking at some great diabetic cake and cookie recipes for my sweet tooth so I might be having a weekly baking spot dedicated to that. The only thing I was really afraid of was having my bloods tested, more so taking them myself with the glucose meter. I absolutely hated the idea of pricking my finger, but so far has been not too bad. We'll see how this progresses! 

The SPD symptoms got really bad the weekend entering into my 27th week, I think I did far too much walking and for the next few days spent the time in bed crippled and not able to properly move. I have been trying to exercise a little bit more and walking around the block for half an hour or so, but I'm finding the pelvic pain pretty crippling. I can imagine that if I was still travelling to work it might not have been so bad and I would have been getting roughly 45 mins of walking exercise per day, but at this time in my pregnancy I'm not about to join a gym or go insane!

Dexter is doing really well, I was measured at 26 weeks and he's the perfect size. I say that now but being diabetic I'm actually pretty terrified he's going to grow to the size of a small elephant before I have to give birth. And lets not even talk about caesarean sections, I'm terrified of those as well! Actually, labour in general is pretty much scaring the hell out of me at the moment. 

Back to Dexter, he's moving around a lot more and has now started responding to music. He seems to be a fan of drum 'n' bass which I wouldn't have thought he would have been, although he likes listening to Metallica too which is awesome. I have my own rocker! 


  1. awhh sounds like youve been in the wars! Not much longer to go though and honestly, try not to worry about the birth. I know it is easy for me to say now, but it really wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be (Maybe that's because I was high on gas and air?!) and I really was petrified about giving birth! xx

  2. First of all, LOVE the new layout. Second of all, love hearing about you and Dex, even if things are a little rough at the moment. Don't let labour scare you too much - just think of the reward when it's over :) xx