Friday, 11 October 2013

DIY PINspiration: Whiteboard Decoration & Sharpie Mugs

I've decided to start creating a weekly set of posts on DIY inspiration, or more so PINspiration, as most of the bits and pieces I've found have been on Pintrest or WeHeartIt. Also, I'll be linking back with any projects I'm currently attempting from other lovely DIY bloggers I follow. 

The first project I'm having a go at is from Ally over at NowThat'sPretty. I've needed a notice board for a while, I do have a gorgeous organiser which I write it, and also a calendar along with a calendar on my iPhone 5 and MacBook Air, but even though I fill them in, I never bother with reminders or anything to actually see what I'm doing. It's more important to me now than ever with me having to have appointments at the hospital on a weekly basis, along with University deadlines and blogger events. I'm constantly having to ask people what I'm doing, it's not good really! This is where Ally's post inspired me to create a big enough notice board that I can't miss, and will update on a regular basis! 

(Images sourced from WeHeartIt)

As I'll be moving next year, I'm thinking of cheap and cheerful ways of brightening up my apartment in Munich. We'll be trying to make out house a home but on a strict budget, only cause in a few years we'll be up and moving again and I don't particularly fancy shipping all our bits and pieces over to China with me.

I've just bought 24 Sharpie pens and have no idea what to use them for other than colouring my hair in when I go blonde, so I've been having a quick peek at what others have been doing and I've come across colouring in mugs! It's the perfect idea, buy a few cheap white mugs (around 35p in Ikea), draw on your design and pop in the oven. Hey presto! Personalised mugs for the fraction of the price. I've asked the husband to get drawing up some tattoo designs already. 


  1. Wow I love this idea. They look amazing & I may have to steal the idea haha

    Hayley -


  2. I tried doing the whole sharpie mug thing, spent hours drawing on it, popped it in the oven and the first time I washed it all of the sharpie came off :( I was devastated! xx