Friday, 18 October 2013

DIY PINspiration: Christmas Wrapping

My second post may be a little early in the year but I enjoy being prepared as we have a few birthdays in December to celebrate and I hate being late with my presents. 

I've been having a sneak peek at wrapping inspiration and ideas. I actually suck at wrapping Christmas presents so the more creative I can be and the less wrapping I need to do is always a plus in my book. 

Wrapping in Maps
I could never get bored of map wrapping paper. This is something I would be very careful about opening as I absolutely adore these! I would quite honestly unwrap them and frame them. Such a simple and cheap way for wrapping. 

Wrapping in Jars
Okay so technically not 'wrapping' a present although it's still housing or casing a present. Cake or cookies in a jar, such a fabulous idea! You pop all your dry ingredients layered in the jar and top with instructions on how to cook and add the wet ingredients. Gorgeous present for a really nice homemade gift. I saw this done on a few blogs last year, and it's such a cute idea. 

Wrapping in Doilies
I think this is a gorgeous vintage inspired idea for wrapping, and can be used on anything as well as handmade food gifts. You can take a simple piece of brown wrapping paper, or a napkin, then surround with a doily. Doilies are really cheap to get hold of now, you can pick up a paper of paper ones in Poundland or could buy a cloth/lace one - this would make an extra present! 

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  1. This is such a gorgeous post... I'd love to get gifts wrapped like this!

    Charlotte - x