Sunday, 1 September 2013

Lush Cosmetics - Charisma Skin Tint & Dark Yellow Colour Supplement*

I've missed out on the latest few blogger meets at Lush but I've been so lucky that my fabulous buddy Kel managed to nab me a few of their cosmetics for me to try. 

I have two pots from Colour Essentials, one in dark yellow and the other in charisma. These are full size pots and retail for £12.00 and £8.95 respectively. Normally I wouldn't pay so much myself for cosmetics if I haven't been able to try them out beforehand and know they are really good.

I made the simple mistake of not reading how to apply the dark yellow colour supplement. Instead of mixing with moisturiser I just slapped it on and looked pretty orange. I think my tone would be more suited to Jackie Oates anyway, but when I did apply it accordingly it blended nicely on application. It's really buildable and you can alter your colour cover accordingly. Even though the shade is a little too yellow for my complexion, I'll still use the pot up! I think this would definitely be a repurchase for when my BB runs out.

Next up is the charisma skin tint. It's really daunting to open the pot and see how pigmented the colour is. I was a little worried about the application of this product as I'm not one for bronzing and having my skin an awful shade of orange, sorry to offend anyone there... I was quite surprised when I swatched charisma, it's actually a gorgeous bronze shade and I've found it really suitable for contouring - something which I rarely ever do! I doubt I would actually buy this product for myself though, I don't bronze enough to warrant having a warm skin tone and spending so much on a product. 

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