Saturday, 21 September 2013

John Freida: Full Repair*

John Frieda's Full Repair collection is not one to which I am new to. I've been using a few of the products on and off when my hair is especially damaged from over processing and colouring, which lets be honest, is all the time with me.

I was really grateful to be contacted asking if I wanted to try out their Hydrate + Rescue shampoo and conditioner, along with the Repairing Oil Elixir. All three are products which I haven't tried before so I was looking forward to this opportunity. 

I've been using all three products together when I've washed my hair over the past two weeks, which probably has worked out every two days. I noticed an instant change in my hair from the first time I used these products. 

My hair felt silky and smooth, along with feeling less frizzy and damaged, especially in the over processed areas where my split ends are (I still refuse to get my hair cut unless it's something drastic). The shampoo lathered up straightaway and removed any excess styling product from my hair, something which I haven't experienced in quite a while, normally I have to wash my hair twice for this effect. I only needed to use a small amount of conditioner as it's very thick and goes a long way. I left this on for a few minutes in order to let it sit like a conditioning mask. There is a slight floral fragrance in all the products which isn't overpowering but definitely lingers just enough! 

I would have been able to style my hair alone after using these two products, but the addition of the elixir makes it feel a lot more luxurious. I like the product more because you can use it on both wet and dry hair without it leaving my hair feeling like a greasy oil slick, especially in my fringe. 

You can find all of the John Frieda Full Repair products for damaged hair here
The products I own and use on a regular basis are the Perfect Ends serum and the Style Creator Heat-Activated Styling Spray, both of which work great with my hair type and leave my hair soft but voluminous. 

Something else I was quite excited to find out about, is their range of hair dyes, I'm not sure how I've evaded these but the colours look fabulous! My colour has already begun to fade from my previous dye, so I think I might have to give the deep cherry brown a go next! 

You can also find John Frieda on YouTube with lots of styling and protecting hints and tips!

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