Friday, 9 August 2013

Three free things to do in West Yorkshire

I've been meaning to add a few more lifestyle posts to my blog as it seems to have turned more towards the beauty direction than I would have liked to. I've sort of lost my inspiration lately but I've been thinking about nice things to do in West Yorkshire, and thought I would set my challenge to find three free things to do. The great thing about these is they are child friendly as well. 

Cliffe Castle has been a place I've visited probably on a yearly basis throughout my child and adulthood. It's my favourite museum and I never get bored of looking at the exhibitions they have. Having been closed for over a year to undergo a big re-vamp, I haven't paid a visit yet to see what's new and how they've done the gardens. There are plenty of things to do, whether visit the museum itself, have a picnic in the vast gardens, or visit the small bird sanctuary outside, there is plenty to make a full day from, and all you need to pay for is your parking! 

It's really hard to hide my love for the National Media Museum. This is somewhere else I've spent my life visiting, and have started going a lot more recently. There are tonnes of exhibitions to visit inside, my favourite is the videogame archive where you can play on old consoles and arcade machines (these aren't free but only cost around 20p per go). With it being the summer school holidays, they are really good at catering for children and have lots of exhibitions on suitable for children, one of these exhibitions at the moment is 'Moving Stories' and shows books recreated on the screens. You could easily immerse yourself in the National Media Museum and spend a whole day here, again you can take a picnic with you as they have a specific eating area. 

I must admit, this is somewhere I've never visited but would really love to. It's pretty much in Leeds city centre so easily accessible by train and also they have on site parking. At the moment they have an exhibition on showing the swords of Middle Earth, definitely one I would be interested in! They also currently have jousting championships on too! Definitely one for the children, but I still think it would be of interest for the adults as well. They also have an indoor picnic area so grab your sarnies guys!

These are just three of the free things I found to do. 
There are plenty of things you can do with the children this summer, and not just the small ones, the big kids too! 

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  1. You're missing some major ones... shoplifting for starters :p