Saturday, 24 August 2013

Satisfying Samples? The Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask.

I haven't done a satisfying samples post in quite some time, but going through all my samples from meet ups and things I've hoarded from beauty boxes has made me get right back on it. I have far too many samples that I must simply use up! I try telling myself this, but they just end up in my drawers or boxes and I really don't.

Next on the list is a sample of Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask. I somehow have ended up with a few of these and I'm not certain how. But they came to a good use when me and momma H decided to have a bit of a pampering session the other night. 

I would say you get enough in one of these sachets for two applications, which is good as they cost around £1.49 for a sachet in Boots. The product contains peppermint which leaves your skin feeling really cool and cleansed. It does have a slight tingling sensation but not one to worry about. 

I must admit, it's been a while since I've used a clay mask, or a peeling mask, which set on your face. Having brought a shops-worth of paper sheet masks back from China with me, I've been using a lot of those lately! It made a refreshing change having it set and cracking at the end before you take it off, something which I have missed!

I left the mask on for a lot longer than required, something like an hour and half whilst we watched a movie, but it really didn't make any difference. It took a lot of washing off, so I did add an exfoliator to get some of it off. The end result was lovely, smooth, fresh and cleansed skin. 

I did noticed for a few days afterwards that my skin looked a lot better and wasn't as oily as usual, which for some reason had an amazing factor on my hair as well as this didn't get greasy as quick. Weird coincidence there? I think once I've used up my major bulk of samples and face masks that this might be a nice repurchase. I know you can pick up a tube of Amie clay mask for around £4.50 which is nicely within my budget having set my mind to the £100 beauty challenge! 


  1. Amie has become one of my favourite skincare brands! I love the face cleanser in particular x

    1. I haven't tried out any if their other products! I'll have to give them a go. I'm really into nSpa at the moment :) x

  2. This sounds good! I might try it out myself :)