Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Pregnancy Weeks 20 & 21

So last week, at exactly 20 weeks, the husband and I toddled off for our scan when we found out, much to no surprise, we were having a baby boy! Since the day I found out I was pregnant (at 2 weeks) I knew we were having a boy and have been calling him his name since that day... 

Dexter Xiang

Now I think most of my readers will know my husband is Chinese, maybe some of you won't, but anyway Xiang will be his Chinese name which we will use with our Chinese family and when we eventually move over there. Xiang is pronounced She-Ang to those of you who were wondering! 

Here I am at 20 weeks, ignore the dirty mirror... 

I mentioned a little last week that I'd started with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and it was really getting me down. Luckily over the past few days it has worn off and my hands are back to almost fully functioning form. Just another side effect of pregnancy, which I'm sure will make another appearance before baby Dexter is born. 

I've done quite well with morning sickness lately. As some of you might know I've had it really for at least 18 weeks of my pregnancy. Now I'm only sick when I brush my teeth, which is a vicious cycle as to get rid of the taste of vomit you brush more, and then throw up more. Delicious

Other than that I think I've been doing well. I'm suffering with Sinusitis and headaches a lot more but these are generally becoming more manageable. 

I am getting heartburn on a more regular basis now, seemingly every couple of days, especially if I've been drinking fizzy pop. Nothing that antacids won't solve though. 

Cramps, yep still getting those, and quite a lot more now Dexter is growing at rapid size! I haven't measured my bump and won't be seeing my Midwife until 25 weeks so we shall see how he's going on. But he's doing fine and his measurements are bang on for his age.

So overall, weeks 20 and 21 seem to be doing pretty good. 
Fingers crossed for a few more good weeks please! 


  1. Aww! I knew from day one that we were having a boy too. Would dream about baby boys and just knew it. Then people started convincing me that it could be a girl!! I was like no it's not! The day of the scan (we paid to have a early gender scan) I did have a moment where I thought he could be a girl! But other than that I was always #teamblue! Very happy to be too :) xx

  2. Ahhh lovely bump! I live the name too. Glad to see you're getting some relief from carpal tunnel. I found tums were especially good for heartburn! :) xo