Friday, 30 August 2013

Post Appreciation

So over the past few weeks I've slowly found more and more posts which I think deserve more appreciation, and more people need to see these posts and follow these amazing blogs! 

First up is Alex's autumn wants wishlist. 
I love this post, full of burgundy colours (my fave may I add!) along with a gorgeous biker jacket from G21 which is just what I've been looking for all my life. So much so that after I read the post I popped down to my local Asda and bought it...

I love Donna's back to school styling on her most recent post. 
This is actually the reason I decided to do this appreciation post and I adore her sense of style, and it's so similar to my own. Unfortunately at the moment being pregnant I can't fit into a lot of the gorgeous autumnal styles I wish I could, so I'm living vicariously through her wardrobe!

Now last, but in no means least, is this amazing pig-in-mud cake post from Terri. 
I won't lie, but when I saw this weeks ago I was determined to re-post it at sometime and share her amazing cake decorating skills with the world. Terri is actually the reason I began blogging back in January, and I aways love how lighthearted her posts are. 

I hope you like my choices for this week!

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