Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Nexcare Maternity Products from 3M Direct*

A few weeks ago I was contacted by 3M Direct to see if I wanted to try some of their Nexcare maternity range, and boy was I excited! I know I'm very easily pleased but I've been looking at bump supports for a few weeks now. My bump is getting bigger, I'm almost halfway through my pregnancy and lately I've noticed quite a few ligament/growing pains and back pain because of it. As lucky as I am I was asked if I would like to try out these three beauties! 

Maternity Support

Ideal to wear from around 20 weeks, this belt provides support to your back and bump through the most needed time during your pregnancy. Having used this on several occasions I can safely say this is magical. A lot of people swear by maternity supports and I can safely see why. This relieves the stress put on your tummy by holding it up and supporting, along with supporting the back tightly to relieve pain caused by the former. 

What the website says:
'The Nexcare Maternity Band eases the strain of pregnancy; be pregnant and comfortable too; 
Latex free, whisper-soft elastic provides gentle, yet firm support; 
Lifts the abdomen to achieve relief from sagging weight and leg pain; 
Expands to accommodate baby's growth; 
Helps relieve discomfort in your back, abdomen and legs'
These retail at £35.99. 

Maternity Breastfeeding Compress

These are ideal for before you begin to breast feed, and after you breast feed. I haven't used these yet but during my early pregnancy I had a lot of breast pain caused by eczema due to hormone changes. These would have been excellent then! You can either use them cold, from the freezer, or warm in the microwave. Ideal for sore breasts during the breast feeding stage. I know it sounds sad, but I'm looking forward to the relief these will bring when I breast feed!

What the website says:
'Reusable cool/warm gel compresses for breastfeeding mothers; 
Ease discomfort caused by engorgement, blocked ducts and inflammation; 
Slips comfortably inside your bra; 
Pack contains 2 compresses, each with a soft fabric protective cover'

These retail at £13.99. 

Postpartum Support

Obviously I can't use this yet, but can definitely comment. The idea of having a support belt after pregnancy gives me a lot of relief as I'm quite anxious about feeling like I'm falling apart post-pregnancy. These are also suitable for those who have just had caesarean sections too, and provide support whilst bending and doing general activities without feeling like you'll do yourself more damage. 

What the website says:
'Gentle postnatal support for weakened abdominal muscles; 
Helps new mothers return to normal activities sooner;
Particularly helpful after a c-section; 
Latex free'
This retails at £24.99.

You can read in depth reviews and more details on all of the above products, plus more, here

To top it all off, the girls over at 3M Direct/Nexcare are offering you all 20% these products and more by using the below code on their 3M Direct website

There are already a few more items I have my eye on when they come back in stock. 

So do you think you'd be interested in these maternity necessities?
I definitely think they will make my life a lot easier! 


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