Saturday, 10 August 2013

Cliffe Castle Museum and Gardens

On Tuesday I paid a visit to Cliffe Castle Museum and gardens in my home town of Keighley. I thought it would make a really nice day trip for Kel and her mini bloggers! It's not really a castle, but a very large house full of vintage decorations, taxidermy, minerals and crystals. Right up my street really. The place has been closed for the past year following a refurbishment...

In all honesty, I can't say much has changed. I was quite disappointed with it all in all. It's somewhere I've visited year after year, have a nice lunch in the cafe or a picnic in the gardens, and just generally enjoy the atmosphere of the place. 

I was a little let down as I was expecting more, I thought there would be new exhibitions etc. I think everything may have just been cleaned etc. The cafe wasn't as nice as it normally is, and even in the small annex to the side the cacti were dying. Not something I was overall happy with, but the mini bloggers seemed really into it! Another major let down for me was the lack of ice cream in the cafe, they normally have fresh scoop ice cream but they only had pre-packed ice pops. Not really a good idea for the middle of summer and the school holidays... Overall though, I had a pretty wicked time as usual and got some great snaps to share! 

This post does get photo heavy now! 


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